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An Unforgettable Artistic Affair

Saunts Hosts The Turner Prize Ceremony

At Saunts, we were honoured and proud to be the exclusive caterers for the distinguished 2017 Turner Prize Awards. This prestigious event, held at the magnificent Hull Minster, was a highlight of the City of Culture celebrations, attracting art enthusiasts, esteemed guests, and art-world luminaries from around the globe.

Celebrating Artistic Excellence with The Turner Prize

The Turner Prize, renowned worldwide as one of the most prestigious art awards, is bestowed by TATE to an exceptional artist who exhibited outstanding work in the preceding year. In 2017, the deserving recipient of this coveted prize was the talented Lubaina Himid, whose remarkable contributions to the art world were celebrated that evening.


A Culinary Journey

Guests attending The Turner Event were treated to a culinary journey curated by Saunts. Our team of culinary artists designed an exquisite menu, inspired by the creativity and vision of the artists vying for the prestigious prize. Each dish was a masterpiece, skillfully blending flavors and textures to tantalize the senses.

The Evening's Menu

  1. Staal Smoked Salmon Terrine: Savory and delicate, served with cucumber & dill noodles, this starter offered a delightful introduction to the evening's epicurean adventure.

  2. Slow Roasted Pork Belly: Succulent and richly flavored, with perfectly crispy crackling, this main course was a true culinary indulgence that left guests craving more.

  3. Homemade Yorkshire Parkin: A delightful finale to the culinary symphony, paired with batons of rhubarb and drizzled with a spiced rum syrup, this dessert elevated the dining experience to new heights.

Art and Gastronomy in Perfect Harmony

The Turner Event at Hull Minster was an exceptional amalgamation of artistic excellence and culinary mastery. As guests mingled amidst the stunning medieval architecture, they were enchanted by the ambiance of history and creativity that surrounded them.


Praise for Saunts' Seamless Execution

“We worked with Saunts extensively over the 2017 City of Culture Year on events ranging from launches, parties and on the Turner Prize Award Dinner, one of our most high-profile events.  The team from Saunts have always been professional, helpful and accommodating and above all friendly!  Their seamless, high quality delivery meant everyone enjoyed working with them.” 

Jenny Hutt,

Head of Artistic Administration & Events at Hull Minster

Partner with Saunts for Your Exclusive Event

At Saunts, we understand the significance of crafting extraordinary experiences for special events. Whether it's a prestigious award ceremony, a corporate gala, or any celebration of importance, our team is committed to making your vision a reality. Our passion for excellence in both art and gastronomy ensures that your event will be an unforgettable affair.

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